CinéGlobe Data Visualization Award goes to “Worlds” by Director Alex Parker

CinéGlobe yesterday awarded the Data Visualization Prize at the Imagine Science Film Festival to the film “Worlds, The Kepler Planet Candidates”, a simple yet stunning depiction of the Kepler search for earth-like planets orbiting other stars. Director Alex Parker creates a subtle visual narrative that leads the viewer to the gradual realization that our earth may be very far from the only living planet in our universe. Worlds fits beautifully into the CinéGlobe theme for 2014 – Beyond the Frontier – and demonstrates how insightful data can be. CinéGlobe is excited to welcome Dr. Parker to CERN for the festival in 2014, and congratulates him on proving that data visualization can capture the imagination of the broadest possible audience.

Dir. Alex Parker will be invited to present his work in Data Visualization and Film at the next CinéGlobe Festival at CERN, in March of 2014. You can see all of the winners at the Imagine Science Film Festival here.