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Photostream of CineGlobe 2014

Copyright: ©CineGlobe2014

CineGlobe Opening Ceremony – Particle Fever

CineGlobe/Tribeca Story Matter Hacakthon Behind the Scenes

CineGlobe/Tribeca Story Matter Hacakthon Presentation

CineGlobe Orwels 1984 discussion and performance

Mapping Festival – CENC performance

Imagine Science Session

General Atmosphere

Photos de CineGlobe 2014

Copyright: ©CineGlobe2014

CineGlobe Ouverture – Particle Fever

CineGlobe/Tribeca Preparation de Story Matter Hacakthon

CineGlobe/Tribeca Présentation de Story Matter Hacakthon

CineGlobe Orwels 1984 discussion et performance

Mapping Festival – CENC performance

Seance Imagine Science

Ambience du festival