360 Live Show and Awards Ceremony


See the best films of CineGlobe 2018 awarded by our jury – including our robot Baxter – and by YOU, the public, followed by an unforgettable performance of FULL BODY SCAN.

A one-of-a-kind audiovisual collaboration featuring a 360-degree nebulous orb, defying the conventions of theatrical presentation, as musicians perform in-the-round beneath multiple circular projections created by Daisy Dickinson (Adrena Adrena). An improvised live set of no-wave synths and ambient techno beats create a spectacular and truly immersive experience.
Featuring Kohhei Matsuda (Bo Ningen), Koichi Yamanoha (Grimm Grimm) & Kenichi Iwasa (Krautrock Karaoke), presented by the London Short Film Festival & Daisy Dickinson Films.

We’ll award the Golden CineGlobes for:
Best Youth Film
Best Fiction Film
Best Documentary Film

Audience Favourite – Youth Film
Audience Favourite – Fiction Film
Audience Favourite – Documentary Film


Sian Proctor, Science professor, STEM communicator, and education outreach officer for the Nasa-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation mission.

Anne-Claire Adet, Filmmaker and co-director of Les Créatives, a multidisciplinary and feminist festival celebrating female artists.

Angelo Vermeulen, Artist, Researcher and Co-founder of SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design), commander of HI-SEAS mission, and Senior TED Fellow.

Sarah Jane Pell, experienced occupational diver, aquatic performer, versatile artist-researcher and Mars Desert Research Station MDRS Crew 188 Artist-in-Residence.

Louis Savy, founder and director of the Sci-Fi London Festival, communicator and teacher in science and film.

Monica Bello, Art historian, curator, and head of the Arts at CERN artist-in-residence programme.

Baxter, Smart, pioneer, intelligent Robot.

The performance is followed by a dinner cocktail for the jury, the filmmakers and the public. The evening is free with reservation at cineglobe.ch.

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