The Martian Base: Immersive space with domes, installations and VR

Our departure point for voyages to other worlds, both celestial and within. Come and meet the participants from two NASA-Funded Mars Simulation Missions – HI-SEAS and MDRS – as they share their unusual adventures with the public. Take a VR journey through NASA tests and training to see what it really takes to become an astronaut, enjoy the immersive audiovisual performance Nova Lands, come talk with artists and researchers at the Future Spaces conferences, and plunge into the wild mixed-reality experiment of VR Improv Theatre. You’ll also find the Martian Base a place to eat, drink and relax.


Friday 29th June and Friday 6th July
A selection of intergalactic DomeFilms

Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July
11h30 : Selected intergalactic dome films

12h30 : VR Improv Theatre
Take part in the wild mixed reality experiment of VR Improv Theatre, including footage shot in 360 around CERN, with live actors, in a collective VR performance.

14h00 : Future Spaces Conference I
With Angelo Vermeulen, Artist, Researcher and Co-founder of SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design), commander of HI-SEAS mission and Senior TED Fellow, and Sian Proctor, Science professor, STEM communicator and education outreach officer for the NASA-funded HI-SEAS Mars simulation mission.

15h30 : VR Improv Theatre

17h00 : Future Spaces Conference II
With Sarah Jane Pell, experienced occupational diver, aquatic performer, versatile artist-researcher and Mars Desert Research Station Crew 188 Artist-in-Residence, and Jonathon Keats, conceptual artist, writer and experimental philosopher, known for creating large-scale thought experiments.

18h30 : VR Improv Theatre

20h00 : Future Spaces Conference III – Roundtable

21h00 – 22h00 : Selected intergalactic dome films

Mon 2nd / Tues 3rd / Wed 4th July
18h30 – 21h30 : Selected intergalactic dome films

Thursday 5th July : Immersive Evening
18h – 20h

Nova Lands
Immersive audiovisual performance by Studio Z1. The dome’s space is revealed as the 360 ° expedition progresses… Disturbing elements modify the course of the experiment, until the spectator is totally immersed under the vault of the Stratosphere!

20h – 21h : Selected VR films
21h – 23h30 : Selected VR films / Nova Lands

Martian Base