A.I. for Culture Hackathon


CineGlobe, has a long history with hackathon- style events within the realm of communication technology and storytelling. The AI for Culture Hackathon will take that tradition one step further, by examining whether and how AI can be used to foster a richer, more open and inclusive culture for all.

The Hackathon encourages multi-disciplinary teams to develop new ways to use AI for the betterment of our shared culture – improving access, diversity, representation, and familiarity with culture in all forms.

The event takes place over 3 days during the CineGlobe Festival and is ideally situated at CERN’s innovation space IdeaSquare. The culminating evening will take place at the Globe of Science and Innovation during CineGlobe’s Artificial Intelligence Evening.

Both institutions and individuals are invited to participate, encouraging a mix of backgrounds, from technologists to those working in the arts and culture sector. The event aims for demographic diversity in all ways (gender, race, background, and age).

Participants will form teams working on several possible projects. At the end of the hackathon, participants will present their project concepts and potential mockups or Prototypes.

Presented with the participation of the Sundance Film Institute.