Commencing countdown: CineGlobe lift-off this Friday 29th June

Are you ready for a rocket-full of films, events and immersive performances taking off at CERN this Friday? We sure are – our full programme is out!

Opening Film: AlphaGo by Greg Kohs
Welcome to the Google DeepMind Challenge! The ancient game of Go is both extremely simple and extremely abstract, and millions of people around the world watch as legendary – human – Go master Lee Sedol takes on his A.I. opponent. Can Sedol find AlphaGo’s weakness? Can AI teach us something about the 3,000-year-old game that for many amounts to a life philosophy? This surprisingly moving documentary will have you looking at intelligence – both human and artificial – with a fresh sense of awe.

Screening and opening drinks free with reservation

The Martian Base: Immersive space with domes, installations and VR
Our departure point for voyages to other worlds, both celestial and within. Come and meet the participants from two NASA-Funded Mars Simulation Missions – HI-SEAS and MDRS – as they share their unusual adventures with the public. Experience the participative fulldome immersion of The Future Room, take a VR journey through NASA tests and training to see what it really takes to become an astronaut, and plunge into the wild mixed reality experiment of VR Improv Theatre, including footage shot in 360 around CERN, together with live actors. You’ll also find the Martian Base a place to eat, drink and relax.

Projections sous les étoiles
Five outdoor screenings under the stars, including the 50-year anniversary remastered version of Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The seminal work on space travel and the pitfalls of artificial intelligence never ceases to spellbind audiences. Click here to guarantee your place and reserve your lawn chair for Saturday 30th June. And if you want to understand the promises and pitfalls of the AI revolution, do not miss Do You Trust This Computer? the film AI guru Elon Musk loved so much, he agreed to market it himself.

This weekend, a special youth programme of short films and fun robot-filmmaking workshops for all ages. What better occasion to bring the kids to the Globe of Science and Innovation and Idea Square, the better to prepare them for a brilliant (intelligent) future? On CineGlobe’s last weekend, bring the kids to the Perle du Lac’s Nuit de la Science for a host of science-inspired fun.

The Festival is entirely free, accessible in English and French // Book ahead to guarantee entry and reserve a lawn chair for outdoor screenings.

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