Workshop Data sonification


Languages: French and English
In collaboration with Mapping Festival

This workshop aims to give the first tools to write, create and develop simple sound synthesizers within SuperCollider coding environment that is free and open-source. Few hours will be enough to understand the basic concepts and re-use examples that one can find among SuperCollider’s online community. Simple generators will be shown, along with examples of spatialization and an exercise in sonification of scientific data.
Speaker : Daniel Maszkowicz
Duration : 3h30
Time table : 13.00 – 16.30
Level : beginner
Prior knowledge of programming is not necessary.

Materials attendees must bring : Each Participant should bring a computer (Linux, MacOS, Windows) with an installation of the software that can be found on the following page:

Location : CERN IdeaSquare,
Rte de Meyrin 372, 1217 Meyrin
IdeaSquare is just 100 m from the Science Gateway.

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