Masterclass 1 – The New Era of Virtual Reality


Watch Michel’s masterclass now here.

This session is only in English.

As Virtual Reality is slowly growing and finding its way into the mainstream of businesses and individuals, many exciting challenges are appearing :

– Social platforms becoming a big “thing” for how we socialise in pandemic times and beyond.

– Avatars challenging the very concept of identity.

– Censorship from the main platforms that own a de facto monopoly on the necessary tech that allows access to immersive content; restricted or even non existing access for independent artists whose work does not fit the moral or political criteria imposed by the platforms.

– Navigating the evermore necessary balance between our digital and physical lives.

The masterclass will be presented as a live stream, both online and projected at the Globe at CERN, with questions fielded from the CERN audience as well as from those joining online.
2021 Live Stream Masterclasses