Premiere Feature Screening


Screening followed by discussion with director Geneva Guerin and crew on stage and by video link. The discussion will be open to those in the Globe audience and to those who join online. The film is presented in VO/ST-FR, but the discussion will take place in English.

Ghost Particle is a science documentary that follows international efforts to understand the origin of the universe by studying its smallest parts with some of the world’s largest experiments. Neutrinos are invisible, essentially massless particles that pass through matter like ghosts. They behave in peculiar quantum ways but their identity-changing behaviour may hold the key to unlock big questions about the origin of the universe. How then to study such elusive chameleons?

Based at CERN, and with visits to other major laboratories in the US and Japan, Ghost Particle offers an inside view to how some of the world’s best minds set out to do the seemingly impossible: design a machine to detect the undetectable.


2021 Features Live Stream