Abla / عبلة

Director  Said Najmi
Year 2023
Running time 00:14:44
Dialogue Arabic
Country Jordan
Genre Documentary
Synopsis Abla is a portrait of a Palestinian refugee woman in her fifties, a compost expert and trainer in one of the world’s poorest countries in water Jordan. Despite all the challenges, she works hard to realise her dream of designing a naturally generative land.


Awards Public Prizes 1 : Best fiction Film “THE WISE OLD OWL” by Quentin Porte 2: Best Documentary “THE WALKING FOREST” by Rose Casella, Floris Leeuwenberg 3 : Best Youth Film “ONLY A CHILD” by Simone Giampaolo 4: Best VR Film “21-22 CHINA” by Thierry Loa Awards Jury Prizes 5 : Best Youth Film “TREMORS” by Nicolas Jacquette 6 : Best Documentary […]

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