The Debater

Director Joshua Davis, Harry Spitzer
Year 2020
Running time 00:25:45
Dialogue English
Country United States
Genre Documentary
Synopsis After Noam Slonim’s sitcom was canceled, he took the next logical step and decided to build an artificial intelligence that could argue with him, and anyone else. What begins as a quixotic obsession turns into a once in a lifetime research effort that culminates in a face-off with the world debating champion.


Artificial Intelligence Night presented with IBM and the FIFDH


Screening followed by a discussion with AI researchers and the film team, which will be available on webcast.cineglobe.ch from 22h00. The discussion will be open to questions from the Globe audience as well as to those joining online. The films are presented in VO/ST-FR, but the discussion will take place in English. The Debater: After Noam Slonim’s […]

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