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(Dis)Orders of Magnitude


Big Problems, Small Planet.

This turn-of-the-decade moment sees humanity facing some of its most formidable challenges yet. The climate crisis has run out of control, provision of basic needs like food and water has turned into global profiteering, and the world now faces the reality of global pandemics. Given the state of things, we could be forgiven for feeling scared about the future.

But at the same time, on average people are richer, healthier, and safer than they have ever been. How do we reconcile these two seemingly opposite visions of the world? What’s sure is that science and technology have accelerated to the pace where humankind is now capable of either destroying or saving the world thousands of times faster than ever before. This precarious power comes with unlimited opportunity, but equal risk.

In 2021, CineGlobe investigates the accelerating way in which society can make or break its own future. For our tenth edition, CineGlobe asks, in ten years, will we be on the verge of solving our crises, or 10 times closer to extinction?

Send us your short films and immersive media projects of any format that speak to the themes of (Dis)Orders of Magnitude. Don’t be shy – we’ve got varied tastes and are looking for refreshing, unusual works that you might not expect to see at a regular science film festival.

CineGlobe 2021 includes 4 competitions. In all categories, the time limit exxcludes the credit sequence, and all films and projects must have been completed since 1 January 2017:

  • Fiction films – up to twenty (20) minutes.
  • Documentary films – up to thirty-five (35) minutes.
  • Youth films – up to ten (10) minutes. Must be suitable for all ages.
  • Immersive projects for VR headsets or 360-degree projection dome – up to thirty-five (35) minutes.

Submissions are now open until 23 March 2021 via The deadline for immersive projects has been extended to 13 April 2021.

Films already submitted for the postponed 2020 edition of CineGlobe wil automatically be considered, there is no need to re-submit them.

Only films submitted via ShortFilmDepot will be considered. The complete competition rules can be found here.


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