The MINIMA CINEMA Swiss Adventure Begins!

22 September – CineGlobe has entered into a partnership with Festival Tous Ecrans and the HEAD-Geneva in order to bring two new Minima Cinema cabins to cities across Switzerland. Based on the original Minima Cinema – invented and developed by CineGlobe – and powered by the Minima Cinema projection and video kiosk technology, two entirely new cabins will be constructed by students from the HEAD’s Espace & Communication Master’s programme for a nationwide tour. These two new cabins will feature the artistic interpretation of young students re-envisioning the traveling cinema through their own eyes. Using the original Minima Cinema as a point of departure, and building on the history of traveling cinema through the ages, the students will create unique works that, while using the Minima Cinema technology and design principles, will give an entirely new and unique look to the cabins. These two new Minima Cinemas will then travel Switzerland for one month in order to celebrate the next edition of Festival Tous Ecrans, which takes place from November 6-14. For more information on the original Minima Cinema and on the collaboration with Festival Tous Ecrans and HEAD-Geneva, see the Minima Cinema page here.

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