CineGlobe 2022 - Parallel Worlds

CineGlobe 2022 Returns the 29th June to 3rd July!

CineGlobe 11 returns at the end of June to the Globe of Science and Innovation and its surroundings. The exact format of the event is still under discussion with our partners, but you can count on 5 days of cinema inspired by science and technology at one of the world’s most renowned scientific laboratories.

Short film submissions are now open, under the festival theme Parallel Worlds:

There are nearly infinite parallel worlds: Science/art. Fiction/documentary. Real-life/virtual reality. Privilege/poverty. Past/future. Freedom of movement/closed borders. Original/translation. Analog/digital. These diversities of perspective may, at first glance, seem opposed to each other. The very definition of parallel implies two elements that never converge. However, looking closer, we can always find commonalities beyond the contradictions. Whether it is in the creativity necessary for inspiration that exists for both scientists and artists, the universality of love between humans regardless of their experience, or the astonishing similarities between apparently disparate species – such as veins in a tree leaf and the network of capillaries in an animal – parallel worlds are everywhere and, above all, ripe for discovery.

As always, all submissions are handled by Short Film Depot, see all details here. So keep up with our social media channels and check back here for details on submitting your film. For more information about the festival, read a little about us here.

Screenplay award: promoting science in fiction on screen

At CineGlobe, we’re always looking for new ways to bring science and film closer together. So, we’re proud to announce the Geneva International Science in Fiction Screenplay Award ! This competition is currently accepting entries in four categories: feature, TV script, short screenplay, and outline. Submissions are now open, so check out the site!


Shift72: bringing CineGlobe to any device, any time

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with the online platform Shift72. Thanks to them, we’ll be able to offer CineGlobe content year-round! Short films, masterclasses and discussion sessions from the latest edition, archive content and more… and all free of charge to viewers! So sign up now for free and check back regularly for new uploads.



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