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Many thanks to you, the CineGlobe audience, for showing up in person and online last week for our 10th edition on the theme of (Dis)Orders of Magnitude. Thanks are also due to our sponsors who made it all possible. Despite the unusual circumstances, three postponements, reduced funding and our venue capacity being reduced to 20% of its normal value, we estimate that there were 1700 entries combined across our short film sessions, feature films and awards evening, workshops and virtual reality experiences over the five days.

Below, we announce the winners of the jury prize.

But the 10th edition of CineGlobe is not over just yet!

For a limited time you can still (re)watch all of our feature films, short films, masterclasses and virtual reality content for free online, and vote online for the audience prize!



Jury awards 2021



This year, our jury was composed of:


  • Josefa Haas, head of communications at Swiss Universities and former president of the Swiss Films Foundation
  • Marie Bouvier, from Filmar, the Latin American film festival in Geneva and former organiser of local events at CERN
  • Flavia Dias, CERN physicist

After careful deliberation, they decided to award the prizes in each category as follows:

  • Best Fiction: WhateverTree, by Isaac King
  • Best Documentary: Bab Sebta, by Randa Maroufi
  • Best Youth Film: LIVE, by Zhi-Jun Kang and Juan-Ru Zou

The jury also exceptionally chose to deliver a special mention award to El Agua, by Andrea Dargenio.
Congratulations to all the winning film makers!


Watch and vote online for the audience prize!

If you want to watch the winning films or any of the other shorts screened at CineGlobe 2021, you can do so online for free until 23 September. You can then rate them online to vote for the audience awards in each category!


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