CineGlobe 10th edition - postponed.

POSTPONED: the 10th edition of CineGlobe, the International Film Festival Inspired by Science will take place in 2021!

With the sanitary and financial uncertainty brought upon all cultural events by the current global health crisis, we have no choice but to postpone the 10th edition of the CineGlobe Film Festival, initially planned for 24-28 June, until 2021.

CineGlobe has long had a tradition of choosing festival themes that are ahead of their time – science & society topics that we cover often become mainstream subjects of discussion shortly afterwards. This year, to celebrate 10 editions of our film festival successfully combining science and cinema, we had picked “(Dis)Orders of Magnitude”. Our theme statement, used to guide film makers in their submissions, even mentioned the threat of global pandemics. Little did we know what was about to unfold.

Some film festivals have moved online, but we won’t be doing this. The magic of CineGlobe has always been the on-site experience, offering our audiences the chance to meet and mix in a venue unlike any other.

Filmmakers who had submitted their short film to our competition this year will automatically be considered for selection in the 10th edition of our festival in 2021. They will be contacted separately with full details.

In the meantime

We are working with CERN and our partners to plan an event in the autumn, showcasing science-themed feature films, interactive hands-on activities, and a retrospective of the best short films from previous editions of CineGlobe!

Stay tuned for more news as and when the details get confirmed.

Meanwhile, stay safe, look after each other, and see you on the other side!


The 10th edition theme: (Dis)Orders of Magnitude!

Big Problems, Small Planet

This turn-of-the-decade moment sees humanity facing some of its most formidable challenges yet. The climate crisis has run out of control, provision of basic needs like food and water has turned into global profiteering, and the world soon now faces the ugly possibility reality of global pandemics. Given the state of things, we could be forgiven for feeling scared about the future.

But at the same time, on average people are richer, healthier, and safer than they have ever been. How do we reconcile these two seemingly opposite visions of the world? What’s sure is that science and technology have accelerated to the pace where humankind is now capable of either destroying or saving the world thousands of times faster than ever before. This precarious power comes with unlimited opportunity, but equal risk.

CineGlobe investigates this year the accelerating way in which society can make or break our future. For our tenth edition, CineGlobe asks, in ten years, will we be on the verge of solving the climate crisis, or 10 times closer to extinction?


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