48 Hour Film Project @CERN, 1-3 July 2016


Do you like technology? Would you like to travel trough the time – or through the space?!? look for your aliens, spaceships, and parallel universes, and get ready for a weekend to never forget!!

The 48 Hour Film Project, that celebrates its 8th year in Switzerland, is both a competition and an opportunity for amateurs and professionals to see their films on the big screen. That’s the chance to stop talking and start filming. The starting point? The teams have just one weekend to make a short film. The whole creative process – scriptwriting, shooting, editing, and original soundtrack – must be done in 48 hours, from Friday evening 7 p.m. to Sunday evening 7 p.m. 

For the first time in Europe, a special edition of the 48 Hour Film Project – only about Science Fiction – will take place at CERN physics laboratory. The participants, during the launch event on Friday night, will have the opportunity to consult with physicists and other scientists about the creation of their Science Fiction stories. The filmmakers will compete to create the best short science fiction in just 48 hours.

The winning film will be screened at Filmapalooza 2017, in the United States! The winner of the 48 Hour Film Project Science Fiction in Geneva will also compete with other winners of the 48 Hour Film Project Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne) for airline tickets, camera, and more! 

All the movies from the Science Fiction contest will be projected during the CineGlobe Film Festival at CERN, from 6 to 10 July. The filming weekend will take place from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd July, with the launch at CERN on Friday evening at 7 p.m. 

Registrations and details here.

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CineGlobe Estival, 6-10 July 2016

CinéGlobe Estival will celebrate science and technology in daily life, with a varied programme of fun and accessible activities and movies, that appeal to a wide audience!


The 6th edition of CineGlobe International Film Festival at CERN will be take place exceptionally during the first week of July 2016 (the Globe ground at CERN, from Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 July) and then during the Nuit de la Science (at the Museum of History of Science, on July 9 and 10).

The festival will include an open-air cinema, film projections in the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN, and the interactive Cirque d’Émotions, carnival-inspired games with a neuroscience twist! The full program will target families with fun and informative activities such as children’s films in the Minima Cinema (like going to the cinema at home!), and the workshop for the creation of pinhole cameras in Tetra-Pak.It’s free of charge! Save the date and join us for this special summer edition!

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*CERN is the European laboratory for particle physics near Geneva, Switzerland.