CineGlobe @Lift Conference!

From 10-12 February, CineGlobe will present four projects and workshops at the LIFT conference in Geneva.

For the third year in a row, CineGlobe is collaborating with Lift for their Geneva flagship conference, Lift16. Taking place February 10-12 at the CICG, Lift16 will feature a special blend of inspiring talks by some of the world’s best speakers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions of interactive media projects, a prototyping Lab and a startup competition all around the latest topics on technological innovation.

In the central forum of the Lift conference, CineGlobe will showcase three of its most recent Virtual Reality projects in the CineGlobe-invented Minima Cinema. This multipurpose, portable projection and exhibition space will allow Lift visitors to experience the projects developed for Oculus Rift during the recent CineGlobe/Festival Tous Ecrans Storytelling Science Hackathon.

Alongside the exhibition, the audience will get the chance to dive deeper into the concepts behind Science Storytelling with a workshop by CineGlobe director Neal Hartman. In addition, two children’s projects will be shown – the Kids Minima Cinema and a workshop on how to make a camera with an old Tetra Pak – both of which bring the magic of photography and cinema to youngsters of all ages.

*Note: All events require a ticket to the Lift Conference, with the exception of the Tetra Pak workshop for kids. Follow the link to sign up.

VR science storytelling workshop
Fri 12 Feb | 09:00 to 11:00

Dive deeper into the field of Science Storytelling with a masterclass and workshop given by Neal Hartman, director of CineGlobe, and several participants of the Storytelling Science VR Hackathon, recently organized by CineGlobe in partnership with Festival Tous Ecrans. Behind all good communication, lies good storytelling; this workshop will show how this rule applies to science as well, and give examples of great science storytelling projects. The workshop will also discuss some of the ins and outs of making VR projects for immersive headsets like the Oculus Rift.

Kids minima cinema

LIFT Central Forum & Tetra Pak

In an era where children are continuously exposed to video content, and screens are available on almost any device, it’s difficult to teach children about the magic of cinema. The Kids Minima Cinema allows any TV screen to become an individual, portable screening room. It reduces the distraction of everyday life from the consumption of video content, and allows parents to make watching movies a special experience again. Like going to the cinema at home!

tetra-pak camera workshop
Wed 10 Feb | 14:00 to 16:30

Have you ever wanted to try analog photography, but don’t want to put money into an old fashioned camera?  Ever wanted to print photos with your kids, but are afraid of all the nasty chemicals?  Now’s your chance to try your hand at analog photography, using only an old Tetra-Pak milk container, coffee, and some vitamin C. You’ll make your own pinhole-camera, and develop photos with a non-toxic mix that’s available to anyone. Perfect for kids 6 and up, this workshop teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and most importantly, how photography really works. Places still available!

customisable minima cinema

LIFT Central Forum

Entirely customisable, the Minima Cinema cabins will soon be available in various sizes and configurations, indoor and outdoor compatible. If you are interested to keep up with the Minima Cinema’s development, or enquire about purchasing a cabin, please sign up to the mailing list below. Details will be available on in the near future.

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*CERN is the European laboratory for particle physics near Geneva, Switzerland.