Now or Never

Discover the Winners of the 13th Edition of the CineGlobe Festival!

Discover all of the winners on the awards page!

The 13th edition of CineGlobe, an international festival of films inspired by science, took place from May 15 to May 19, 2024 at the CERN Science Portal, partner of the event. CineGlobe 2024 presented 44 short films from 22 countries in four categories (Fiction, Documentary, Youth and Immersive).

With the exceptional presence of Fabiola Gianotti, Director General of CERN; Tim Berners Lee, founder of the CERN web in partnership with CERN70 ; Mark Levinson, award-winning director of the documentary Particle Fever on the discovery of the Higgs boson; and Ryoichi Kurokawa, Ryoichi Kurokawa, pioneer of audiovisual art, this edition attracted almost 2,000 visitors.

Short and feature-length films, theatrical improvisation, workshops, virtual reality, art installations, audiovisual performances, masterclasses and round-table discussions all took place over 5 days, delighting young and old alike as they explored the theme of NOW OR NEVER.

A group of winners that echoes the pressing issues of today’s world

Under the theme NOW OR NEVER, CineGlobe explored the various choices and challenges facing individuals, society and the planet, as well as possible solutions, whether natural or engineered.

This year, the Festival’s four competitions (documentary, fiction, youth, virtual reality) honored nine artists, offering representations in tune with contemporary issues and the theme of NOW OR NEVER.

Opening Night

Mark Levinson, PhD in particle physics and filmmaker, won the first Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication. We had the chance to preview “The Universe in a Grain of Sand”, an innovative documentary that travels from experimental cinema to the frontiers of quantum computing. The film was followed by a fascinating discussion with director Mark Levinson and two of the experimental filmmakers featured in the film: Maria Constanza Ferreira and Erin Espelie.

An Evening of Improvisational Theatre

Cinema and improvisation won over the audience with clips from the shorts of the programme.

CineGlobe and the Renegade Saints created an entirely new live cinema event. Using excerpts from short films in the CineGlobe program, performers from the Renegade Saints improv troupe created scenes based on footage they had never seen before.

Collaboration with the Mapping Festival and CERN Idea Square

This year, CineGlobe collaborated with the Mapping Festival, offering an art x science evening featuring a round-table discussion and audiovisual performances. This collaboration also gave rise to an in situ installation “L’harmonie de Notre Absence” by artist Paul Vivien in residence for 5 days at the CERN innovation space IdeaSquare and a lowtech installation Phasing Waves by artist Ricky van Broekhoven.

Collaboration with the CERN70 events

This event is part of CERN’s 70th anniversary. On the last day of the festival, CineGlobe collaborated with CERN70, who proposed an evening on the theme of “CERN: an extraordinary human adventure”.

CERN plays a pioneering role in making science, technology and know-how freely accessible to all. The World Wide Web, developed at CERN by Tim Berners Lee for the benefit of society as a whole, is a magnificent example. He imagined a unifying structure to link together the information scattered across these different computers: this led, in 1991, to the birth of the World Wide Web.

European Science Film Network from 2024

CineGlobe is delighted to announce the creation of a brand new European scientific film network. Last week, CineGlobe had the great pleasure of organizing the EURASF (European Academy of Science Film) congress, held at CERN in Geneva. In attendance were the festivals PariScience, International Science Film Festival ; Docville : The International Documentary Festival ; In Science Science Film Festival in the Netherlands ; Academia Film Olomouc : International science documentary festival in Czechia ; and El Caleidoscopio : A spanish company specialising in communication and R&D.

Discussions around the new organisation and a more collaborative future for our segment of the industry were discussed over three days.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more news as the network develops!

Discover all of the winners on the awards page!