Programme of the Fifth Edition of CineGlobe

This year the festival celebrates the convergence of art and science in the moving image

The festivities will be launched on the opening night, Tuesday, March 24, with the Swiss Premiere of the film SYMMETRY, by Ruben Van Leer. SYMMETRY is a dance, an opera movie and a love story. The film takes place at CERN, inside the LHC (large hadron collider), the largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world.

Find the programme grid here or download the full programme pdf.

Short Films Competition

The festival’s official competition features 58 short films from around the world inspired by science. Every day during the festival (weekend included) short films will be shown at the Globe of Science and Innovation. Weekend morning screenings are dedicated to families with a program of short films to interest all ages (babies welcome)!

Special Soirées

Every evening, CineGlobe will animate the Globe of Science and Innovation with a special event. Movies, tech, science, performances and art installations are all part of the program for this 5th edition.

Geodesic Dome & Café Cinéma

For the duration of the festival, the public can experience immersive 360-degree projections inside a 12-meter geodesic dome that will be installed next to the Globe of Science and Innovation. The dome will serve as a meeting space, place to relax, and as a special screening room. An avant-premiere film by CERN , as well as new artistic performances are scheduled.

Film and Photography Workshops

During the week and weekend, the public can attend three different workshops that will introduce unusual ways to create images and animations. Adults and children are welcome!

Special out-of-competition short film selections & “Science in the City”

Special short film selections are planned for Friday evening, in parallel with the dome and also at the Cinémas du Grutli, in the programme “Science in the City” ! Don’t miss collections of TED-Ed, the Invisible Photograph, and the very special film/art collective “Borscht Corp” !

All events are free but pre-registration is required for the evening events in order to ensure your place (no advance registration is necessary to attend the short-film sessions and some workshops).

Practical Information
  • Onsite food trucks will be available for both lunch and dinner, before the show.
  • All films are subtitled in English and French.
  • Entry is free, but pre-registration is required for the evening events (space is limited).