Dear fans of cinema, 48 Hours, and Virtual Reality

After the world premiere in 2017, the famous 48 Hour Film Project will once again immerse itself in virtual reality over one weekend in 2018! This VR contest also launches the 10th anniversary tour of the 48 Hours in Switzerland!

In collaboration with the CineGlobe, Film Festival at CERN, the 48 Hour Film Project VR Edition invites filmmakers to produce a 360-degree science-fiction film of 3 to 7 minutes in 48 hours. If you wish, you can shoot your film with the help of a CERN scientist.

The films will be screened at the CineGlobe Festival on Thursday, July 5, during a special evening. Each VR movie will be broadcast on the big screen in the GoPro 16: 9 format, directed live by a member of the public!

Then the participants and the audience will be invited to participate in an aperitif, during which they will be able to watch the movies again on the Oculus Go headsets, while talking with the participants about their experiences.

The public will vote for their favorite movie, and the winning team will leave with an Oculus Go as prize!

The best VR films will be shown on July 7-8 at the Nuit de la Science, and will be eligible for Filmapalooza, Cannes, and elsewhere as part of the 48 Hours World Tour.

 The dates are:

• Week-end of the shoot : 29 June-1 July

• Screenings at CERN during the CineGlobe Festival – 5 July

• Films on VR headsets during the Geneva Nuit de la Science – 7-8 July

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 See you soon,

The 48 Hour Film Project Switzerland team

The 48 Hour Film Project is bilingual. We welcome French and English-speaking participants.

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