Tetra Pak Camera Workshop

The Tetra Pak Camera is an initiative of CineGlobe. It teaches people about the fundamentals of pinhole photography by showing how to convert an old Tetra Pak container into a camera, and then develop the photos with coffee and vitamin C.

Fun for both children and their parents. Now’s the chance to try your hand at analog photography, using only an old Tetra Pak milk container, coffee, and some vitamin C. You’ll make your own pinhole-camera, and develop photos with a non-toxic mix that’s available to anyone. Perfect for kids 6 and up, this workshop teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and most importantly, how photography really works.

The workshop is accessible for kids from 6 years old. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an elder sibling or parent.

(Note: Tetra Pak is a registered trademark of Tetra Pak Group International, who is in no way related to this project.)