Director  Kaplanoğlu Semih
Year  2017
Running time  02:08:00
Dialogue  English
Country  Turkey
Genre  Drama, Science Fiction
Synopsis In the near future, harvests that feed the populations of ultra-protected cities depend on GMO seeds produced by private conglomerates. But these seeds have a dramatic reproductive problem. To try to solve it Professor Erol Erin wants to find the geneticist Cemil Akman, whose thesis advanced an explanation to this enigma and was nevertheless censored by the authorities. To meet him, Erin will have to leave the protective city for the Dead Lands.




Every evening (except for the awards ceremony on Saturday), CineGlobe will screen a feature-length film inspired by science in keeping with this year’s festival theme, “Transformation/Transcendence”.The film will begin once the sun has set. Transat seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. A limited number of transats can be booked for free online: […]

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