Harish Natarajan

Harish works as the Head of Economic Analysis at AKE International, a political and security risk consultancy located in London. During his time at AKE, Harish has provided economic analysis to hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance underwriters, reinsurers, and global development organizations. Harish is an accomplished debater, winning a record number of competitions, including the European Championship. He has coached debating and public speaking in over 30 countries and is currently the coach of the Hong Kong team that participates in the World Schools Championship. In 2019, Harish debated IBM’s Project Debater in the first public debate between AI and a human. Harish’s achievements have been covered in the global press, and in Adam Grant’s ‘Think Again’. Harish is also a board member of Polemix, a social media startup backed by President Macron’s former chief advisor.