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At CineGlobe, we believe that science and culture belong to everyone. That’s why our staff and volunteers work hard all year round to create unique and engaging events, bringing short films inspired by science to a broad audience. From cinephiles to science fans and everyone in between, we want to bring people together to explore their world in innovative, entertaining and challenging ways.

Every year, members of the CineGlobe audience ask us how they can support the festival and our other events. So, we’re very grateful that the CERN & Society Foundation has offered us a space on their online giving platform.

By donating to CineGlobe, you can help keep our flagship festival free of charge for everyone, and allow us to reach new audiences. In particular, we want to take our very own Cinema Caravan on tour to neighbouring communities around CERN, bringing science and cinema into places that don’t usually have much access to our unique offer.

To achieve a world where science and culture are free for everyone, we need to your help. Donate now!