Data sonification Masterclass


Language: French
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In collaboration with Mapping Festival

This masterclass focuses on the practice of data sonification in the arts and sciences. It looks at the historical, technical and philosophical aspects of this discipline, with sound examples and references to scientists and artists, past and present, who practice it.

Speaker :
Daniel Maszkowicz (Daniel Siemaszko) is at the same time engineering research scientist, curator for independent cinema, multidisciplinary performing artist, composer and producer. Having worked at CERN – European Center for Nuclear Research – he collected numerous field recordings from the fantastic machines he come across by wandering in the laboratories and abandoned tunnels.

As a sound artist, he is currently working on algorithmic music compositions for spatial sound performance and autonomous installations. He is collaborating with writer and scientist André Ourednik on various creations involving VR, AI and augmented live reading performances. He participated in several transdiciplinary creations with Antón de Macedo, Lucie Eidenbez and other multidiciplinary collectives.

Daniel Maszkowicz has presented his work across the globe, both at conferences and in galleries, and has contributed to several original soundtracks and publications. He gives seminars and workshops on the practice of data sonification using Python and SuperCollider, and applies an approach that combines science and art, thus giving voice to both the engineer and the artist.

Free admission, subject to availability – reservations recommended

Location : CERN IdeaSquare,
Rte de Meyrin 372, 1217 Meyrin
IdeaSquare is just 100 m from the Science Gateway.

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