Mauvais Je(ux) on 9 November at the CERN Science Gateway

The 12th edition of CineGlobe, international film festival inspired by science and technology, presents “Mauvais Je(ux)” – An experimental theatre production that plays games with data.

A creation of Gruppe Laokoon, produced in collaboration with CineGlobe and the GIFF (Geneva International Film Festival), which will take place on 9 November 2023 at the CERN Science GatewayAdmission is free, but booking is essential. Tickets will be available soon.

Mauvais Je(ux) is an experiemental theatrical evening by Gruppe Laokoon which explores the extent to which technologies influence society. To do this, Laokoon will use the online data of a person unknown to them and recreate them based only on their data in the form of four different actors. Four unique interpretations, all based on the same data, and all of them claiming to be the original “I“ . Can you spot the wrong “I” here? Place your bets! Mauvais Je(ux) invites the audience to participate in a fascinating reflection on digital identity and the multiple facets our data can take on in today’s digital world.

Would you like to take part in the experience by sharing your data? Data Call
You are an actor and you are interested in participating in this show? Actors wanted!