Particle Fever

Director Mark Levinson
Year 2013
Running time 99 minutes
Dialogue English
Country United States
Genre Documentary
Synopsis As CERN’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider), the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, is about to be launched for the first time, six brilliant scientists seeking to unravel the mysteries of the Universe begin an adventure on the borders of knowledge and metaphysics which will lead them to the Nobel Prize. If you wish you were there when Edison managed to light his first light bulb, you’ll love Particle Fever!
This thrilling and entertaining documentary allows us to be at the forefront of the most important and incredible scientific breakthrough of all time.
10,000 scientists from over 100 countries have joined forces in pursuit of a single goal: recreate the conditions that existed just moments after the Big Bang.Through the doubts, certainties, successes, and failures of these 21st century explorers, Particle Fever captures the excitement, anxiety and stakes involved in the world’s most important and fascinating scientific advance towards the infinitely small: the Higgs boson.