The Theme: Myths and Realities !

In today’s information age we can connect with each other at break-neck speed, spreading both myths and realities in stories that reach billions of people in minutes. With the dawn of post-fact society, where established facts are given the same weight as opinions, and where appeals to the popular majority can sway political decisions, how do we tell good information from bad?  What do we take for granted without ever questioning whether or not it’s true? We all have our stories, but what place do they have in determining the future of our children?

CineGlobe 2017 will examine the multiple ways that myths and realities seep into our understanding of the world, even provoking the question, what is reality itself?

CineGlobe accepts films that address the theme “Myths and Realities” in three programmes:

    • Fiction : films less than 15 minutes, excluding credits, completed after 1st January 2014
    • Documentary : films less than 30 minutes, excluding credits, completed after 1st January 2014
    • One Minute Films : films less than 1 minute of any genre, excluding credits, completed after 1st January 2014

All films submitted, no matter what category, must address both the theme and mission of the festival.


Submit your Film

Submissions are being handled through Simply go to the site, sign up, enter your film’s information, and then you can submit it to multiple festivals, including CinéGlobe!

Once you’ve submitted your registration information through ShortFilmDepot, upload your film directly on the site (instructions available on Note that we no longer accept DVDs.


All Competitions:  31 December 2016.

For full details of the festival rules, please consult the Rules.