CineGlobe Thanks You for a Fantastic 8th Edition!

With this year’s theme Intelligent Futures, over nine sunny days CineGlobe playfully examined the topics of both human and artificial intelligence.

An array of films and events lit up CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation, including open-air screenings, shorts, documentaries, features, workshops, special evenings, Mars simulation missions, fulldome 360 films, mixed and virtual reality, a hackathon, an international congress and a lakeside Perle du Lac weekend at the starry Nuit de la Science.

But first, a word of congratulations to our winners! The following awards were granted by our esteemed jury and by YOU, the public.


Jury Award for Best Youth Film
Can You Hear Me by Chuang Yu-Hsin

 Audience Award for Best Youth Film
Big Booom by Marat Narimanov

Jury Award for Best Fiction Film
Pantheon Discount by Stéphan Castang

 Audience Award for Best Fiction Film
Fake News by Jean-Baptiste Delannoy

 Jury Award for Best Documentary
Scouting for Light by Coline Morand

 Audience Award for Best Documentary
Scouting for Light by Coline Morand


Festival Highlights

This year we reached a wider and more varied audience than ever before and welcomed almost 100 guests and visiting filmmakers, with extremely positive feedback from both visitors and the public. Here’s a little roundup of our favourite moments:

Our opening film AlphaGo played to a packed house and we had great fun both with the VR improv theatre and our playful robot jury member Baxter. Meanwhile, our international shorts programmes featured a competitive youth section for the first time and our popular open-air screenings included the re-mastered 50-year anniversary edition of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

CineGlobe’s immersive space The Martian Base hosted VR and 360 films, installations and live performances, amongst them the mesmerizing Nova Lands. Mai Li’s robot-filmmaker workshops provided a truly aesthetic experience for all ages, both at CERN’s IdeaSquare innovation space and at Geneva’s much-loved Nuit De La Science – where we also unveiled our brand new itinerant Cinéma Caravane.

We welcomed many inspiring guests this year: The Sundance Institute’s Jess Fuselier told us how A.I. platforms are being used to influence different areas of the filmmaking process, while participants of the NASA-funded Mars simulation missions HI-SEAS and MDRS shared their experiences through fulldome screenings and Future Spaces conference talks, alongside experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats.

CineGlobe has a long history with hackathon-style events in communication technology and storytelling. The A.I. for Culture Hackathon took the tradition one step further when multidisciplinary teams spent 3 days looking at how AI can foster a richer, more inclusive culture for all.

Not least, this year’s CineGlobe was proud to host the first Europe-wide conference of the European Academy of Science Film (EURASF), which it co-founded in 2015, where industry professionals discussed how to shape the future of science film in Europe, and science in society at large.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to CERN, the Fondation Meyrinoise du Casino, the Fondation pour le Globe, the Loterie Romande, the Association du Personnel du CERN, IdeaSquare, and all of our other partners and sponsors that made this 8th edition possible. We are equally grateful to the artists, filmmakers and volunteers who helped make CineGlobe 2018 such a success!

You’ll be hearing from us over the coming months with new CineGlobe On Tour adventures and collaborations. Until then, we wish you all a fantastic summer.

The CineGlobe Team